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If your business is identifying or developing talent whether in sport or in an industry you’ll likely be aware that there are a huge amount of talent and coaching related books flooding through online and physical bookstores at the moment. Almost every week I receive news of another publication that promises to teach me something new and add great value to my work coaching others. The truth is though a high percentage of these newly released books don’t really and truly add anywhere near as much value as the description and title would lead you to believe. Often I find myself relatively underwhelmed by a long winded and often mediocre ramble through the authors opinions on a given subject. How much did the content really resonate? How much did it make me think differently about my approach to challenges? How much did it carry influence in my work weeks or months later?

make me think differently about my approach to challenges

When I got my copy of The Talent Lab by Owen Slot I was struggling not build expectation in my head. The cover, the title and the blurb got my imagination fired up envisaging the possibilities of what I could learn from its pages. The subject matter is, for someone of my coaching genre, extremely motivating given the understanding of how Team GB went from Olympic under-performers in the 90’s and early 00’s to an Olympic powerhouse in London and Rio. As a Brit myself I had seen the story of dramatic change unfold at close quarters and was keen to soak up as much as possible in understanding what was driving it.

the blurb got my imagination fired up

Unlike so many other books in this category I can say now that The Talent Lab delivers on what I hoped for when setting eyes on the cover. It really is a punchy text that gets straight to what matters without unnecessary waffle or ramble. It’s chapters tell real life stories of high drama and dramatic success but at the same time between the lines they are informing you of key learnings of how this success was formulated. Its been a long time since I have bent over the corners of so many pages or highlighted so many lines of useful take-aways. I would say its not really a book you can just read once quickly and absorb it all. Its a book you need to come back to in order to re-read key sections. Most importantly for me its a book that immediately stimulates forward thinking thoughts for personal real world application. Connected thoughts of what’s possible for me in my operating environment. And as far as I’m concerned that’s the sign of a good book and a value for money purchase.

The Talent Lab


The Talent Lab Review
9.3 Reviewer
Quality of Content9
Ease of Reading9
Value for Money10

M.Sc, MSci, B.Sc, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, XPS, CGS. Malc Kent is a professional coach, internationally respected applied scientist and former world class athlete. His services include sports coaching and mentoring, workplace coaching and biomechanics coaching.

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